Twenty Five

Sunday, September 6, 2009 | |

Twenty Five. Somewhere I didn't realize was coming quite as quickly as it did. Then I woke up Friday Morning, to a lovely, sun shining day (with no rain!!), my amazing husband by my side and two affectionate puppies at my feet. This isn't going to be as bad as I thought. Twenty Five, quarter of a century (which sounds bad), twenty five, mid twenties, twenty five, over the hump to thirty. Twenty Five, Can rent a car with no additional fees (does my car insurance drop now?).

I think of the things I am so fortunate to have as I start my 25th year. A wonderful husband, a supportive, loving family, the best puppies a girl could ask for. I have a job I am excited about going to in the mornings and continually challenges me to do my best. We live in a safe area and are fortunate enough to have a little left over to have fun with at the end of the month.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes and unexpected gifts (really, I am too old for gifts). The cake is AMAZING! I am surprised there is still cake left.

Twenty Five won't be bad, I am fortunate to be in a great place and things can only get better!