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  • 1 convex mirror (sold at automotive stores as a blind-spot mirror) the only convex mirror i could find had a black plastic shell that was hard to remove. I broke 2 convex mirrors before I gave up and found a 4" flat mirror
  • 1 cardboard disc the same size as the convex mirror (about 1/2" thick). A wooden disc could work as well. i used a wooden disk
  • 12" dowel rods
  • 12" skewers
  • Permanent marker
  • Mounting hardware
  • Ruler
  • Silver-leaf water-based gold-leaf i used silver spray paint
  • Sizing brushes
  • Hot glue
  • Round mosaic mirrors in 3 sizes (100 mirrors in total)


  1. First, the plastic around the convex mirror had to be removed. It was held in place with glue but was able to be removed with steam.
  2. Next, I found the center of the cardboard disc and used a permanent marker to divide the disc into 16 equal segments with a ruler (like a pizza).
  3. Then I hot-glued the dowel rods directly on the lines so the dowels would be evenly spaced and radiate out from the disc. I then added a wooden skewer in between the dowels for variety.
  4. After everything was glued in place, I brushed on a water-based gold-leaf sizing and let it sit until tacky (about 30 minutes).
  5. After it was tacky, I took 1 sheet of silver leaf at a time and began to cover the dowels, skewers and center with it. I used a brush to adhere the silver leaf to the sizing and brushed away any excess.
  6. After everything was silver leafed, I used hot glue to adhere the convex mirror on top of the smooth side of the center disc. (The dowels were glued to the back).
  7. I then randomly hot glued the small round mirrors to the skewers and dowels (approx. 3 mirrors per "arm").
  8. Mounting hardware was then hot glued to the finished mirror.

RESOURCES: An automotive parts store was my best source for this project. I found a convex mirror for $2.99!


Learning to Fly said...

Jess- You did a great job on this piece!! Congrats on a masterpiece :) Love the pictures of Pike's Peak too!