Pikes Peak Fishing Trip!

Sunday, August 23, 2009 | |

Or rather a casting trip! We spent a sunny Saturday at Pikes Peak Crystal Reservoir Fishing. It was a beautiful clear day day and we expected to have a productive fishing day. And it was precisely the opposite. While the group of 6 next to us caught, and caught, and caught fish, we caught nothing but sunburns!

I was able to take some great photos of Pikes Peak and some of the breathtaking nature. For next time we will scout a better place and bring lunch, the hotdogs there are $4.00!!


Angeline said...

Were you trout fishing? Sometimes if you ask the locals what they're fishing with, it could make a big difference!

We like to use power bait or panther martins when we go trout fishing. But...we only caught one rainbow the entire summer, so maybe there's something better out there...