Whats going on!

Saturday, July 4, 2009 | |

It's been a while, we are good and okay, just busy. My work is keeping me busy to a tone of 50 hours a week or so , but I am enjoying it, always a challenge, and some Saturday's get worked in to the mix. Its good, I'm proving my self and being rewarded with new challenges. This week I met woman at her residence to finalize things for her 4th of July event. I also was the set up go to person for a wedding last weekend, all exciting for me. A pay raise is in the works!!

Our 4th of July started out with a bang, or not a bang. I left work early on Friday, to get a start on the weekend, went to the gas station on my way home as I was on Empty. Went in to pay, paid, pumped, got back in the car and nothing. Nothing again, and again, nothing. First call was to Johnny to say hey the car wont start, sit tight im going to have someone from work come by and jump me. well that didn't work out as planned, and the jump wouldn't take. So USAA's roadside service came out once Johnny met me, and the jump box got it started, but it wouldn't start with out the jump box. So on to the flat bed tow truck it went and it sits at the dealership until monday to find out whats wrong. Hopefully what ever it is, is under the warrenty.

Colorado Springs is not doing public fireworks this year for budget reasons, so Ft Carson stepped up and did the fireworks on the 3rd. Once I was rescued and the car delivered to its doctor, we headed over to the base for their fire works festivities. What a hot mess. I would venture to guess there were 10,000 people there. The food vendors were all overwhelmed with an hour + lines for any food, ice cream, fried cat fish, anything that was there. we got some food and headed back to the car to watch the fireworks and not be caught in a HUGE bottle neck getting back home. Best idea ever.

Today has been a lazy day for us, we went fishing, eerrr- Johnny went fishing, I went along, this morning, watched a movie at home, went to see UP, had Bison Burgers for dinner, and are watching some TV. We live in a no fireworks area, so no fun things for us tonight.

Happy 4th. Happy Birthday America, and THANK YOU to the couragous men and women who have bravely faught for our countrys freedom.