Johnny's Birthday

Sunday, June 7, 2009 | |

Johnny's Birthday was last weekend and I spent alot of time thinking about the gift that is something that is significant for two missed birthdays, and the current one. And I thought, and thought and thought, and came up with nothing. So my alternate birthday plan was a trip out of town for the weekend. I got my self up on and looked for a pet friendly affordable rental somewhere close to where we live but with in the 250 mile radius the army puts on their soldiers. And this was the winner.

Perfect! about 50 miles from our house, but worlds away. I was able to surprise Johnny and be all packed and ready to go when he got home from work, so it was getting changed, and in the car. To say he was caught off guard is a bit of an understatement!

These were the only neghibors we had, we saw 2 deer and one fox.

Saturday we hiked at Mueller State Park, the Rock Pond Hike we did was down hill with about 1000 feet in elevation change. The going back was the hard part, and trying to beat the afternoon rain storms.
Birch trees from the path

View from the Path
Birch Leaves
Rock Pond