Unemployed No More!

Friday, May 1, 2009 | |

This week has been an interesting one to say the least, as my job search continues I started the week feeling discouraged. Tuesday I ventured to the beautiful UCCS campus, I was looking into furthering my education. As it turns out to complete the Teacher Education Program they offer, would require an additional year of undergraduate work, in Sciences, Math, Geography,and Political Science and then some basic educational courses. I could take these classes at the Community College, and then move to the University to complete them. The whole process would take 2 more years of school, and a good deal of money, which quite frankly, unless this money is growing on a tree, its not going to happen. There is no way we can take in any more student loans. So back to school is on hold. BUT UCCS is a beautiful campus.

Ok, on to bigger and better. And going backwards- Monday I dropped off an application and had an impromtu interview at a hotel. Wednesday I went back to sit down and talk with the hotel's food and beverage director, Human Resources Manager, and General Manager. Talk about a pressure cooker. It was for a Restaurant Assistant Manager, something I am ready to take on, so after an hour of drilling and probally the most uncomftorable interview, I was offered the job. Told the pay and expected hours, and about fell over. Yes, it was that bad.

I asked for a day to think it over, and decided it was for the best to not take this posistion. I don't know how much respect, or how motivated I can be for an employer that pays low wages to their management, and I know it takes sometime to build and start as someone in the Hospitality Industry, but to say that the difference in what I was expecting is due to cost of living, I'm not so sure. Milk costs the same, my bills are all the same. Gas is a little different and our housing is a little different, not much, but a little bit. All that, and I would be working 100% an opposite schedule of my husband, and thats not something I'm okay with. He's been gone long enough, and I like our weekend hikes and nightly TV viewing dates.

I really value a good quality of life, and it's very hard in the realms we find our self's in. Me for one, Nights and weekends are part of the gig. his job takes him out of the country for long periods of time. I can't imagine, working opposite shifts while we are in the same country, let alone house! I would much rather work similiar shifts and be able to live a good life.

Something will come up, and if not I always can wait tables, or work in the mall.

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to recieve a call from the Temp Agency I've been working with (if you are in CO Springs, and need a Temp agency, I know who you need to work with ) called with an interview. Eger am I , I went, met a great group of people who are in Catering, and today I accepted, a great fit for a job. I will be working with the Event's Coordinator for a little while, learning the system and getting a feel for a new realm of work, and eventually *maybe* work in conjunction with her as an Event's Coordinator. I couldn't be more excited, about getting into a new area, not waiting tables anymore, and working towards a career.

So, we embark on my last unemployed weekend, and its going to be a nasty one, rain, cold, and maybe some snow. Yes snow, in May.

Work Starts Monday!