Productive Saturday!

Saturday, May 9, 2009 | |

I am beginning to love weekends, real weekends. The kind of weekends where work is not the only thing I will be seeing. Time for all sorts of things the week doesn't allow for. Weekends, real weekends rock! Let's see how long I can keep real weekends in my world!

So today, a productive day! We got this georgous wine rack hung up! Finally! I've had it for about a month now, we were just waiting to get a stud finder to hang it up, with out the dry wall being ripped out of the wall, and can I say, I am in LOVE with this!

LOVE. There are actually 2 more spaces, but we decided that 4 was enough! I just adore this! Then we finally got the garden planted

The garden box and how to's are courtsey the amazing, Pioneer Woman.

We have two row's of onions,

two tomato plants,

a strawberry plant,

and parsley.

Gotta start somewhere in the gardening world! So we'll see how these little guys grow, and more so if the dog's stay out of them! We also got some light bulbs replaced, added a flood light to the back yard, I listed a bunch of things on e-bay to help clear out some un-used items, watched a movie, its been a productive day!

ANNNND, I am working tomorrow. On one of the nastiest days to be working in restaurants. I'm thankful its a short shift 10-2, and I will not be waiting on people!

To wrap today up, ill end with an adventure in Catering:

Woman on Phone- hello, do you all have a websight?
Me; yes we do its---
WOP- oh no need, I'll look it up
me- okay, is there anything else I can help you with
WOP- is your address on there?
me- yes ma'am
WOP- and directions?
me- yes ma'am
WOP- okay thats all i need. good bye

ummm... okay.... sure thing.