Saturday, April 18, 2009 | |

Colorado Springs is home of the Olympic Training Center, one of many in the US, and here they host Weightlifting, Swimming, gymnastics, and shooting. Today the Shooting events with the Junior Olympics took us out to the OTC. Johnny's cousin, Kylie was intown with her Mom, aunt and cousin for her competition, in Air Pistol shooting. Needless to say, the Finals were incredibility interesting. The top 8 qualifiers from the 2 qualifying rounds went to the finals. The top 3 were all tied at the same point, and the top three bounced back and forth in place's for the final round. It came down essentially the last shot that Kylie nailed, and took the first place honors. It was an edge of our seat, event! Loved it! Congratulatons Kylie!!!

The OTC is home to a hall of fame, and some cool sillouette's all around the grounds. These aren't my pictures. I forgot my camera.