Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Friday, April 10, 2009 | |

We ventured out today and went to the Cheyenne Mountain State Park, the only state park in the county where we are living, but only like 5 miles from the house. They have 20 miles of hiking/biking trails. We're going to take advantage of the parks with a year pass and start hiking more often and visiting places around the state.

Some pictures from the day.

Bird holes in a tree.

There were all these trees that have yet to bloom

Since Colorado Springs is technically a desert, there is cactus, really cool colored cactus

So we are on the path, Zook Look, minding our own business, when we hear something big in the brush, close, real close. Now, we had just seen signs about bears and mountain lions and what to do when we meet on of those creatures. We didn't meet those creatures today. Today we meet some deer, and some, I mean lots, 12 to 20 was our guess.

a moth on the path

two happy hikers

We're hoping there are lots more parks in our future with our annual pass.